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Since 2000, we have made thousands of dog owners happy

and we have hundreds of reviews so here are some of the reviews.

Dear Gavin,

I want to thank you for your wonderful service over the past five years.

Walking Jessie and Shadow during the day has kept them healthy and happy and has relieved me of my guilt over having to leave them alone during most of the day. As you know, they are both very high-energy dogs. When I come home from work, they are so much calmer on the days that you've taken them for hikes. It is clear that you take your responsibility to our two guys very seriously. Over the past five years, I don't think you've ever missed one scheduled walk, come rain or come shine. And neither Jess nor Shadow has ever come home sick or matted.

My husband and I sincerely thank you for being so careful and caring with our two much-loved dogs, and Jess and Shadow send you a big, wet kiss.

~Greta Marks, Brentwood

Gavin Behr from The Dog Walker has been taking care of my dog Leo for over 10 years.


During this time his walkers have done a phenomenal job with Leo, going on daily walks and periodic hikes which Leo truly loved. Gavin’s organization is professional and trustworthy. I recommend their services without hesitation!

~Nicole Taben

We used The Dog Walker’s services through 13 years and 2 wonderful dogs.


They were timely, honest and wonderfully sensitive with our pets. They also house sat for us and took care of the dogs when we were out of town. They did this really successfully for us for many years. I would offer an unhesitatingly great recommendation of Gavin and his company..

~Doug Spencer

We were with "The Dog Walker" for at least 5 years and Tasha loved her boys Gavin. Somehow she knew when Wednesdays arrived and sat patiently waiting for her walker to come. When Tasha would return she was whipped for the rest of the day!!

Thank you for taking care and loving her week after week.

~The Blitz Family, Brentwood

Gavin and his crew are AMAZING.


I am a personal assistant and I refer him out regularly. Time and time again, this team pulls through to make sure my clients' pups are well taken care of. They love our dogs, plus they are organized, and able to help me out every time, even at the last minute. I couldn't ask for more from someone I am entrusting with these babies :) There isn't a week that goes by that I don't count my lucky stars that someone recommended them to me!!

~Caitlyn Montgomery

Our dogs are part of our me, trusting someone with a member of our family means that we can know they are happy, in good hands and safe and cared for. As a city council member in Beverly Hills, I am quite used to doing research and asking many questions to make sure that decisions that affect lives are well vetted and I can account clearly, I took the search for finding the best dog walker for our dog that we love beyond words, very very seriously. Gavin and his company, which is more like a family is the BEST of the BEST. Our Teddy started as a puppy to learn to socialize 2x a week, he then clearly wanted more hike time with his new buddies so we added another day and then another to finally, he goes every day during the week. He has made great doggie pals, loves dogs now in general, and is a very happy puppy. The Dog Walker is one of Teddy's favorite people in the world! When our family members are happy, we're happy, right?


I thank our wonderful trainer who recommended The Dog Walker, it changed our life and made Teddy the happiest dog around!

~Lili Bosse

We trust the Dog Walker crew with our precious terrier Vegas. Vegas is one of the world's greatest lil dogs. He means the world to us. We could never get anything done or ever go away if we didn't trust The Dog Walker crew completely! For the past 8 years we have depended and trusted these guys with keys to our home and to care for our Vegas. Our dog walker is a great guy.

We are convinced Vegas loves him and his tail wags a mile a minute when he sees that van pull up.

~Kristen & David Fredrick, Brentwood

Professional, punctual, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. My dog comes home exhausted, I love it!

~Max Lebovitz

The Dog Walker has been a lifesaver for me. They have been walking my two Akitas in the neighborhood for years. The dogs love the walks and the walkers are flexible if we need to change our schedule. They are such wonderful, dog-loving souls; I recommend this service to anyone in our area! The dogs love it and so do I!

~Jane Jackson, Brentwood

Our dog literally stands with his nose pressed against our window waiting for the truck to pull up.


He is always very excited to go on his hike. It is fun to watch him jump into the truck being greeted

by the other dogs. When he comes back from his hike, he is always very tired and ready to go to sleep.

But, he will wake up the next morning ready for another fun hike.

~Lori Sunkin

Bentley spends most of his afternoons with Dan, our Dog Walker. As soon as Dan pulls the van onto the street Bentley knows Dan is on his way. Bentley is wagging his tail at the door, waiting patiently and always greets Dan with a smile (literally). We are new to Los Angeles and with Bentley being a rescue, finding the right person to care for him was very important. Dan has been fantastic with Bentley and I would highly recommend The Dog Walker.

~Stacy Naftaly, Brentwood

We retained Gavin The Dog Walker for our Labrador, Rascal, soon after we adopted him - it was a tough adjustment for Rascal as a rescue getting into a routine and a new home. Initially Rascal couldn't even be around other dogs and Dan had to keep him completely separate for his first outbound trip, but on his next walk, he got Rascal to completely adjust in no time to ride with the other dogs and he absolutely loves his outings now. As soon as the doorbell rings, Rascal dashes to the front door and flies out to the van like a lightning bolt, and returns happily tired each time he goes for his hike, which helps him release his pent-up energy. We highly recommend The Dog Walker service for a dog's fitness and emotional health, as it keeps high-energy dogs calmer as well.

~Bonnie Nissenbaum, Beverly Hills

I cannot recommend The Dog Walker enough. We have 2 dogs with very different needs: Bella, a Cocker Spaniel puppy who needs LOTS of exercise, and Charlie, a lazy Shitz Tzu who HATES walking but will pee all over the house if he is not let out. Gavin came to our rescue! Mike takes our spaniel 5 days a week on a 2 hour hike where she gets to socialize and run free with other dogs. I can't tell you what a difference it has made..... no more chewing now since she is sooooo tired after the hikes. She is also calmer and more obedient. She gets so excited when Mike arrives! Jody walks (or drags) the sihitz tzu for 10 minutes at lunch time and we have now ALMOST cracked the house training (2 years in). I would not give my house key or dogs out to anyone, but as soon as we met Mike and Jody we were instantly at ease. The Dog Walker has changed the lives of our dogs and us! TRY THEM.

~Jemma Martin, Pacific Palisade

I recently moved to Santa Monica, and was looking for my dog, Layla, to get some exercise twice a week while I would be gone for 10 hours. I found the Dog Walker, and thought their prices were reasonable. I then spoke with Gavin who was very helpful, and hooked me up with Mike. I then met with Mike and he seemed like a great fit; he also said Layla seemed like a great fit for the group. Now when I get home Mon & Wed- Layla is exhausted! Usually she is running all over the place, now when I take her out on a walk a couple hours after she gets home, I barely hold on to the leash (before she used to pull me). She is a very happy dog, and I am a very happy owner :)

~Jessica Zunzer-Whitaker, Santa Monica

We're thrilled with The Dog Walker's services and trust and rely on Mike, the leader of Malibu's hiking group. Malibu, our spirited 95 lb lab mix has been part of the large dog group on the three days a week I go into the office for over a year now. She loves when the van with her play group pulls up (uncanny how she seems to know the day and time) and Mike is incredibly flexible and accommodating with our work schedules when necessary.

~Reeva and Stuart Cohen

Gavin Behr's "THE DOGWALKER" is simply the best service. He was a lifesaver for my active and not-very-well-socialized Border Terrier.

We met and started using Gavin's services about 5 years ago and the relationship was perfect. He loves dogs; knows how to handle then so that they enjoy being with the other dogs and get a lot of exercise in amazing surroundings. It got to the point with our dog Bounder where he would wait with joyful anticipation by the door on the days Gavin came to pick him up.

Gavin runs a very good operation and has zero tolerance for workers who don't put the dogs first. Gavin is easy to reach and ready to understand special circumstances.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking to bring some exercise and fun into their dog's life.

~Carol Olson Coote

The Dog Walker takes great care of our dog. His crew, Erin treats our dog like her own, and our dog thinks she's part of our family. She's always reliable and doesn't get better than this.


~Marcia Shackelford, Pacific Palisade

I've been using the Dog Walker for two years, and love the service. They take my golden retriever up in the Santa Monica Mountains for long walks, and she comes back happy and tired. Gavin is the nice owner, and our personal walker, Dan, is friendly, flexible with scheduling - and, most importantly - warm with Tinka. He's obviously a dog-lover.

~Betsy Lindsley, Santa Monica

Gavin, the dog-walker boss, always has good people running the dogs, and will even send photos occasionally.


~Elizabeth Lindsley

The dog walker has been great! We've used them for years now for our Golden Retriever and Black Lab. The dogs always come back tired but happy! They are very flexible if we need to switch between mountain or neighborhood walks depending on the dog's health. Would certainly recommend to anyone who loves their dogs but doesn't have enough time to walk them as much as they need!

​~Trevor Belton, Pacific Palisades

My dog is very timid, yet Alfa our dog walker and all the others are sweet and patient with him so he gets to go on a mountain hike every week! They are prompt and great at communicating.


~Nancy Belinsky

We have used Gavin Behr's company 'The Dog Walker' for over 2-1/2 years with our Labrador. We use his services for dog walks in the Santa Monica Mountains twice a week. We also use his service to house sit when we are out of town. His employees are timely, easy to communicate with and dedicated. As a working couple, his service has made the world of difference in the enjoyment of our pet. We can offer our unhesitating recommendation. Our Labrador can too-she always gets very excited when she sees Gavin's van!

~Doug and Margaret Spencer

I started with "The Dog Walker" 7 months ago when my Newfoundland was a young puppy. Each morning, Moby would wait by the door for The Dog Walker to arrive, and came home tired and happy. When my 160+ dog is happy, I am thrilled. Don't know what I would have done without this service. It is also so important for my gentle giant to socialize and learn to play with smaller dogs.


I would highly recommend "The Dog Walker."

~Barbara Berkowit

Lilly has been exercised by Mike our Dog Walker for 3 years. As a crazy Jack Russell, she needs and craves the exercise and comes home happy and tired. I love hearing Mike come into the house and call for Lilly in the most affectionate of tones. Lilly's Daddy is a Veterinarian and very picky as to who would take charge of his dog for the day and trusts Gavin and company completely. I would highly recommend The Dog Walker.

~Fredda Jaffee, Santa Monica

The Westside's premier dog walking service.??

For me to put Bender and Owen (chocolate labs) in anyone's care says it all. I believe that Gavin, The Dog Walker operates THE most honorable, reliable, trustworthy and loving dog walking service on the Westside of Los Angeles. My dogs can't wait to be picked up and come home with huge smiles and in need of a nap. His employees - Mike, Dusty and Dan - have been with him for years (because he treats them well) and truly love the dogs. They take the time to tidy them up before depositing them at home and often give feedback on things they have noticed about the dogs or simply funny anecdotes from a given days play. Gavin has also spent a great deal of time securing a large plot of secured land so the dogs are not going to dog parks ....if I were a dog, I would want to go with them!

~Amy Peer

The Dog Walker crew, Erin  has been walking our two Weimaraners three times per week since we moved back to Los Angeles last November. Our 'kids' love her and so do my husband and I. She has also stayed in our home to house sit and care for the dogs several times when we've had to go out of town for long weekends. In addition, she's often available at the last minute, in the event something unexpected comes up and we are unable to take them for one of their two daily runs. She's responsible, friendly, intelligent and we are SO lucky to have her taking such great care of Graham and Daisy. We'd recommend The Dog Walker in a heartbeat!

~Nell Stephenson, Pacific Palisades

Our dog, Rugby, is always happy to go hiking with Mike. He gets so excited the minute he hears him coming & never hesitates to go right out for him. He always comes home happy & exhausted! We have had both Mike & Dan as our hikers & they are both just fantastic. Always on time & dependable. 


We have been using The Dog Walker services for a little more than a year & are so happy with them!

~Diane Golden, Pacific Palisades

The Dog Walker has been taking care of my pug Lola for over a year. Erin, the Dog Walker crew is absolutely great. We do a lot of traveling and she will come over twice a day and feed Lola and walk her. I feel so comfortable leaving Lola at home knowing she will get two walks and will be fed. She is very reliable and also I can call last minute and she is always available. She also has been very conscientious about letting me know if something doesn't look right at the house when we are gone which is very thoughtful.

~Andrea Goodman, Pacific Palisades

The Dog Walker takes great care of our dog. Erin, our walker treats him like her own, and our dog thinks she's part of our family. She's always reliable and doesn't get better than this.


~Marcia Shackelford, Pacific Palisade

We are very fortunate to have Dan as our dog's walker. Dan has gone above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our Welsh terrier, Cookie. He clearly cares about dogs and is a very responsible person. We have enjoyed getting to know Dan over the past several years and highly recommend him to others.

~Nicole Rubin, Santa Monica

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